Having a Custom Inground Pool Installed is a Good Move for a Number of Reasons

Luxury pool options

Most people go to a public pool or belong to a gym or country club that has an outdoor pool they can visit. Owning your own pool can be expensive, but there are some benefits of owning a swimming pool.

One of the best reasons to own your own custom inground pool is the entertainment value. Having your own pool can allow you to host parties as well as make your home a place that your kids and their friends want to hang out, which can help you better keep an eye on your kids and know who they are hanging out with. A pool can be a good idea for families who like to spend a lot of time at home enjoying their backyard. More than half of homeowners who choose to spend money on their backyard space, including installing a pool, spend at least six hours a week there. Adding a custom hot tub along with your pool can make your backyard oasis even more appealing.

Another good reason to have a custom inground pool is for the exercise it can provide. Swimming is an excellent form of exercise for people of all ages and abilities. An hour of swimming burns about 650 calories, which is more than activities such as walking and biking, and it is much less hard on your body than running. In fact, swimming is about the best low-impact exercise you can do. The water supports about 90% of your body weight, making swimming the perfect exercise for the elderly or people who are physically disabled. Having your own quality custom pool can make swimming for exercise easier and more convenient.

Among the other benefits of owning a swimming pool is potentially adding value to your home. In many neighborhoods, especially in areas where it is warm year round, a swimming pool is a sought-after amenity for many buyers. Having a quality custom in-ground pool can add thousands of dollars to the value of your home and be an added amenity that can draw in buyers.

With the many benefits of owning a swimming pool, it is worth talking with a custom pool company to see what options there are for you. Depending on the space you have in your backyard you may be able to choose from a variety of options.