Florida Real Estate Has a Range of Choices for Home Buyers

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Florida remains an attractive destination for real estate buyers for a number of reasons. It?s still the top destination for retirees, and millennials now also make up a large share of home buyers. Each group has different requirements, from homes on a golf course to easy commutes and quality schools. Florida homes for sale reflect these varied choices, with a range of properties available. For anyone buying or selling a home, a good place to begin is by understanding the needs of the market.

Changing demographics of the real estate market
Florida is still one of the most attractive real estate markets in the country. One of the reasons for this is the fact that it is one of the states with the fastest growing population in the country. It sees an influx of a thousand new residents each day, most of them from New York state. In fact, at this time, Florida has the third largest population among states, even though it ranks only 22nd in size.
A large number of the new residents are retirees, giving Florida a disproportionate share of older citizens. About 17% of the state?s population consists of senior citizens, who have moved south to avoid the long and rigorous northern winters. Another significant group of home buyers in Florida and around the country is millennials under the age of 36, who now make up about half of all home buyers.

Buying a house in Florida
Different demographics have different needs when it comes to home ownership. Senior citizens may be looking for leisure activities, culture and medical facilities. For seniors, good real estate choices would be homes on a golf course, or smaller condos that are more manageable. They may be downsizing as well as moving to a warmer climate, and convenience will be the key factor for retirees.
For millennials, those homes for sale would be most appealing that have an easy commute, good schools nearby and plenty of cultural and outdoor activities. Proximity to parks and recreation would also be an important factor for younger families. For many millennials, walkable neighborhoods and access to public transportation are also important. The future of the real estate market will be shaped to a large extent by their tastes and choices.

How realtors can help home buyers and sellers
For both home buyers and sellers, the real challenge can be to connect up with the right person. Real estate agents are the natural choice when it comes to buying or selling a home, because this is where people buying a home begin their search. But realtors do way more than just providing listings.This is where home buyers and sellers can get the advice and help they need.
Realtors can guide home buyers through the market with sound advice on neighborhoods, schools and other facilities. For anyone selling a home, real estate agents also offer advice on pricing, staging a home, and all the complicated paperwork and regulations that must be negotiated to complete a sale.

With a range of choices, from homes on a golf course to those suited to young families, the Florida real estate can meet the needs of the state?s growing population.