Habitat for Humanity in the Las Vegas Area Works to Help Break the Cycle of Poverty

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Las Vegas tends to bring images of the bustling strip, neon lights, tourists, and row upon row of casinos to mind. The city itself has started to calm down and become the perfect place to settle down. The strip itself is just a small part of larger metropolitan areas branching over 600 square miles within the Las Vegas Valley. The area itself is the ideal place to buy a house. However, for some people, such a huge investment just isn’t possible. Many times, people that have owned homes have had to downsize or been forced out of a home because they could no longer afford it.

Up to 28% of homeowners within the U.S. are estimated to move again, at least within five years. Owning a home affords a sense of peace of mind that only home ownership can bring. However, there are people that have not ever been able to purchase their own homes. Even the option of owning a home is so far out of reach it seems impossible. Thankfully, Habitat for Humanity in the Las Vegas area is still working hard to construct new home build communities for families to stop the cycle of poverty.

Habitat for Humanity Makes Dreams Come True with New Home Build Communities

July 17, 2020 Habitat for Humanity in Las Vegas made Daury Canales Alvarado a homeowner with an attached single-family unit that is one of 20 in the Pittman community of Henderson. Alvarado received the fifth home completed as part of exciting new home build communities that continue to be built in the Las Vegas area. Homes built within new home build communities are all built using volunteer labor, the generous support of sponsors, and donated time. This is just one of many heart-warming stories that paint a bigger picture that shows how humanity is still alive, well, and thriving.

The homes built by Habitat for Humanity are sold without profit and include a zero-interest mortgage. Local members of the community, who couldn’t otherwise afford new housing, are given the opportunity to have a beautiful home in new home build communities that they can call their own. A new homeowner is asked to invest more than 300 hours of “sweat equity” when it comes to building the new home they can eventually purchase. The program itself also includes support as well as financial literacy classes to aid in positive homeownership.

Why Should You Volunteer for Habitat Las Vegas?

Simply put, Habitat for Humanity cares for communities and works hard to stabilize and revitalize neighborhoods that can’t support any type of private development. Families, donors, volunteers, and sponsors work cohesively to build homes and assist families in settling in them so a strong community of neighbors can be built. Having a hand in new home build communities is a great way to support your community when you choose to volunteer for Habitat for Humanity.

Understand the Kind of Work Habitat for Humanity Does

Specifically, Habitat for Humanity Las Vegas has been building single-family homes for working families that earn less than 80% of the area median income. The families receiving homes are encouraged to volunteer labor, but it doesn’t stop there. Businesses and individuals in the community are also encouraged to volunteer labor, services, and supplies for building projects that are making communities great again.

A Vast Type of Volunteers Are Needed for New Home Build Communities

It takes thousands of volunteers to build, repair, and renovate homes. Different types of volunteers include individuals that want to help on construction sites, during special events, in Habitat Las Vegas Restores, or in their offices behind the scenes. There are so many ways you can help as an individual. Reach out to Habitat Las Vegas to find out how you can lend a hand.

There are also team-building opportunities that give your business a chance to give back to your community. Group volunteering for a team build day can include up to 7 hours of construction where you and your team work alongside Habitat Las Vegas’ individual volunteers, team leaders, and site supervisors. The benefits are rewarding giving your organization the chance to build a strong community. Other perks include donations being tax-deductible, sites are made exclusive to your team on build days, as well as recognition in publications and social media for Habitat Las Vegas.

Ultimately, you will know that the support you’ve given will have a permanent impact within your community via the homes you assisted in building. You’re positively changing lives. Do you have a particular type of service you would like to donate? There are many types of services that can be volunteered for new home build communities. Reach out to Habitat Las Vegas to learn more.

Volunteers for Plumbing Services Are Always Appreciated

Plumbing is a very important part of constructing a new home. Plumbing businesses are encouraged to volunteer and bring apprentices, technician trainees, and veteran plumbers, and all of their experience to construction sites. It’s a great way to round out a plumbing education and apprenticeship programs that are all supervised by quality, certified, and licensed plumbers. When you donate your plumbing services you have the ability to contribute to a cause that supports your community while making sure trainees get hands-on, real-world experience. General plumbing services that need to be completed can include a variety of tasks such as improving existing sewer pipes, installing new water lines, pipe, new sump pumps, fixtures for bathrooms and kitchens, and water heaters.

Volunteers for Exterior Building Are Always Appreciated

There are many integral aspects of a home that need to be put in place to make it inhabitable. Residential roofing services are an integral part of any home. When your roofing company partners with Habitat Las Vegas, you can donate funds, installation services, repairs, and even materials all dedicated to supporting the Habitat mission. The same goes for companies like a garage door repair company that can offer services for garage door installation. There are many services, even garbage pickup services, that all contribute to providing affordable housing to people that would otherwise be unable to afford it.

Volunteers for Heating and Cooling Services Are Always Welcome

No home is complete without heating and cooling. Your HVAC company can be part of providing safe and comfortable homes by volunteering residential air conditioning installation services and AC service for repairs. Volunteering enables you to actually touch hundreds of lives and make a real difference. Encourage employees to volunteer and play a part in a powerful mission that builds stronger communities. Donate cooling systems, repair services, and installation services that help Habitat Las Vegas continue to provide affordable housing.

Qualified Public Adjusters Play an Important Role in Habitat for Humanity Builds

When it comes to volunteering, there are times that the work Habitat Las Vegas does includes repairs that restore homes after they have been damaged. Your law firm can volunteer by offering services that are consistent with your firm’s mission by working with qualified public adjusters. Public adjusters know and understand a lot concerning construction and assisting homeowners. Such a volunteer partnership opportunity allows all parties to participate in a very meaningful program.

Find a Greater Purpose in Life by Volunteering

It is beautiful to see a positive change in a community. You can ensure that you are seeing those types of changes by volunteering for Habitat Las Vegas. There are many opportunities to repair or build homes with families in your community. Volunteer work doesn’t stop at construction. Ask about volunteering in your local Habitat ReStore. It’s perfect for friends and family that want to join in and give their time in an effort to keep your community thriving and growing strong.

When you want to get started, the easiest thing to do is visit the Habitat for Humanity website and enter the zip code for your area. Using the contact information, you will be able to find volunteer prospects that are near you that give you the ability to truly make a difference. There are also national volunteer projects available. The whole purpose is to build a better world that gives everyone a decent home in which to live.

Get Ready to Help New Home Build Communities!

Volunteering just doesn’t get any better than working beside other volunteers intent on improving lives. Habitat Las Vegas provides a fast-paced, fun, and fulfilling environment that encourages your friends, family, and co-workers to get involved. It’s exciting knowing you’re getting ready to head to a build site. The following tips will help you prepare for an exhilarating day of volunteering.

You’re in Great Hands with Habitat Las Vegas

So, it’s your first day volunteering. You may already have a team together ready to tackle the services you’ve offered. You aren’t expected to bring anything other than a willingness to be flexible and a wonderful attitude. Specific times are given concerning when volunteer work begins and ends. Be sure to dress for the weather and bring along a hat and sunscreen if working in the summer. Try not to wear jewelry or clothing that is too loose-fitting since those are items that tend to contribute to accidents. Above all else, safety is a top priority.

Get Ready to Learn and Ask Questions

The beauty of volunteering for Habitat Las Vegas is that you do not need any prior experience. Of course, when you’re offering specific services and talents, it is nice that you can provide them and they are greatly appreciated. There are many aspects involved in the building of new home build communities. All it takes is a willingness to ask questions and learn. Construction sites are welcoming, even if you haven’t ever swung a hammer.

Questions are always welcomed. Site supervisors and even volunteers will do their best to answer your questions and provide the information needed. There is a lot to learn by asking questions. Not only does it save a lot of time, but it also gives you the opportunity to learn something you don’t know.

Willingness to Work Is a Plus

Many skill levels intermingle while volunteering for Habitat Las Vegas. You will find yourself amongst a range of people from professional builders to willing learners. Everyone is welcome. Instructions are always provided, and no one is asked to do work in which they are severely uncomfortable. Otherwise, get ready to get dirty in clothing that can handle the work. Close-toed shoes are recommended to keep you safe too. Be ready to put in a good day’s work and smile knowing that you are truly giving families a better place to grow and live within your community by improving lives by giving shelter.

Use Your Talents at Your Local Habitat for Humanity ReStore

Not every business is in the construction industry. If you own a business that doesn’t offer any construction type services you can still work with Habitat for Humanity. Local flower shops can send flowers either to the local business donating services, time, and materials or to families that receive homes in new home build communities. You can also volunteer your efforts for merchandising, customer service, event planning, or working within Habitat ReStores. There are a plethora of volunteering opportunities that give you a hand in helping families build decent, affordable, and safe housing.

You can expect to have a rewarding and fun time volunteering at Habitat ReStore. You’ll be interacting with fellow volunteers and ReStore staff while engaging with your community. Volunteers for Habitat ReStore offer new skills and build a capacity for growth that provides discounted construction and building materials. The funds earned by Habitat ReStore are used in rehabilitating, building, and repairing homes. Give your time and talent to Habitat ReStore to support projects for homebuilding that will greatly benefit families around the world and in your community.

There are a few common ways you can enjoy volunteer opportunities at a Habitat ReStore. Of course, those opportunities may vary. You will have to check with your local Habitat Restore. Otherwise, you can look forward to volunteering your time for DIY projects, unloading trucks, customer service, stocking store shelves, creating decorative displays, merchandising, organizing the warehouse, pricing inventory, or being a welcoming sales floor associate. Get involved by contacting a Habitat Restore near you. No matter what you choose to do, you will feel good just knowing that you are making a difference while fully enjoying the benefits that volunteering provides. Make a difference in your community and in the lives of families that need better homes by volunteering with Habitat Las Vegas.