Home Building Trends in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has established itself as a premier location for home buildings. While it may seem that this city is known primarily for its casinos, the fact is that Las Vegas draws millions of visitors each year looking to be entertained. The homes in Las Vegas are geared mainly towards those tourists who want the epitome of luxury and extravagance.

Many people choose to build their dream home or second home in Las Vegas as they know that this area has some of the best materials available on the market today. The climate is also highly mild throughout most of the year. This helps those who want to work outside on projects such as building their own homes feel at ease throughout their process without worrying about harsh weather conditions hindering their progress and leading them to frustration and slow work.

Another reason that home building has become such a popular trend in Las Vegas is because of the variety of styles and designs that can be found here for virtually any type of home someone might desire. Those who build their homes in Las Vegas also know that they can rely on both indoor and outdoor living spaces, which makes it easy for them to enjoy themselves, no matter what time of year it may be. It is not uncommon for people to choose large pool decks, patios, and other areas that allow them to feel as though they are outside and enjoying nature, even if they are not. These features also give homeowners more than enough space to entertain guests comfortably, even with a more extensive guest list than usual. People tend to gravitate towards building homes in Las Vegas for these reasons and more.

Building trends have become increasingly popular over the past few years, making it easy for people to find what they are looking for, no matter how particular their needs are. Below are some of the top trends that many builders take advantage of today when constructing homes throughout the Las Vegas area:

Floor Plan Trends

Many different types of flooring are being used in new homes, from tile, carpet, and hardwood to cork, bamboo, and rubberized materials. These can be more easily cleaned than traditional carpets or wood floor carpets, making it a practical choice for anyone with pets or children. In addition, many new flooring materials have been created by recycling old tires into your feet. This reduces the amount of waste going into landfills while also providing a durable, smooth surface that is warm underfoot on cold winter days.

House floor plans are growing more considerably as well. Many homes today have extra rooms that were not initially built for people to use. However, many homeowners are now using them as home offices, children’s playrooms, guest bedrooms, or even home gyms. Other apartments now feature additional bathrooms that were not included in the original construction just to add more value to their homes without having to build an entire room addition later on if they so desire.

Homes that feature an open floor plan design allow maximum space and freedom throughout the living areas. An open floor plan allows easier access to all rooms within a house through fewer walls and corridors. The openness also gives a feeling of more light and larger spaces than enclosed plans because of the visual connection between areas. Much of designing a house revolves around maintaining proper flow, so it is hard to go wrong with an open floor plan if everything else about your home is well planned.

Kitchen Trends

To accommodate all those great new appliances and gadgets, kitchens have been getting more prominent over time as an upgrade from the traditional smaller kitchen layouts. As more luxury appliances become available for home use, people are looking for places to put them, so it is common to see more cabinets and counter space in newer homes as a result.

When considering a potential home purchase, always measure the size of the new kitchen you will be dealing with first. Even if not many appliances come with a house yet, there may still be enough room for new ones that will continue expanding your current possibilities.

Additional Bedrooms Trends

Another trend is adding additional bedrooms when you build or remodel your house. This is likely because many people are looking at their houses as places to grow roots with family rather than just being economical to stay for a while until they move up the property ladder. Many homes that were once designed for very minimal occupants can now be sought after by families and will include space for kids and even a spare room, such as a home office or guest bedroom.

A master bedroom with an en-suite bathroom is another trend in many new constructions. For some people, the idea of getting ready each day within view of their bed has become appealing, so there is no shortage of these features to choose from when you go house-shopping. It is even getting so popular that having two bathrooms instead of having bathtub refinishing during most home improvement projects may be considered outdated. Rather than convenient in homes being built today, they are also adding on the luxury of a master suite.

All-Electric Homes

At one time, all homes were powered by gas. Still, now with newer technology, it is becoming possible for homeowners to power their entire house with electricity generated from solar panels on top of their roof. This can be especially helpful for people who spend more than half the year elsewhere during certain months, because they do not need to worry about finding somewhere safe or reliable to stay while waiting for repairs or upgrades to take place.

Solar energy has become increasingly popular, allowing homes and businesses to use the sun as an alternative power source. Homes with solar panels do not only benefit the environment, but they also save on electric bills, making them more affordable than ever before.

For anyone looking to buy a new home, one trend that has taken off in the last few years is utilizing solar panels integrated into roofing designs by an electrical contractor. This means not only will your house be more environmentally friendly, but if needed, it could potentially become completely self-sufficient with its little power plant on top of it where you can even keep excess electricity in batteries for future use.

Technology Integration

Another trend in some houses is having more energy-efficient options available at their disposal. This can be especially beneficial for people looking to either switch from traditional heating services to alternative ones or are looking to add green features to their home during a renovation stage. Some of these energy-efficient features may include insulation, solar panels, and even appliances that use less electricity over time.

The amount of technology incorporated into new homes keeps growing as homebuyers become more reliant on getting their work done on high-speed internet connections even while at home. This means new homes come with built-in voice and motion-activated lighting and security systems that allow you to control your home even if you are on vacation. You can also integrate kitchen appliances like microwaves or ovens into the same Wi-Fi network, giving you the ability to turn them on or off from anywhere in the world through your smartphone.

Technological advances have helped reduce energy bills in new homes: home appliances are better insulated with the help of an electrician, use fewer materials such as glass and make them more efficient than older models. The improvements in refrigeration mean that Las Vegas homeowners can enjoy an outdoor lifestyle without worrying about high energy costs inside or out. Las Vegas has some of the best weather in the US year-round for enjoying the outdoors because of the mild winters and hot summers.

Outdoor Luxury

Outdoor activities such as grilling and entertaining friends and family are on the rise as a way of adding value to your home. Adding things like outdoor kitchens and fireplaces as a realtor allows you to give homeowners even more reason to enjoy time spent in their favorite part of their house during those lovely summer nights. People also want more light sources outside now: electricians are installing lighting features such as string lights, spotlights, or chandeliers that make great additions to both up-lighting and down-lighting.

Great outdoor living spaces make great homes. In recent years, outdoor living areas have been on the rise as a way to make your house feel more like home. As things such as garden and porch spaces become more extensive in size and more common for homes, they have started to take on different roles in terms of recreational use. Outdoor rooms or patios seem to be giving the traditional backyard another shot in the arm with these new trends where a yard can be a good space for relaxing and entertaining friends.

Outdoor living space includes a variety of options that homeowners want to take advantage of depending on their lifestyle and preferences. The larger yards are being replaced by patios, lawns, natural features like waterfalls, ponds with lily pads or koi fish, etc. Individual homeowners want more access to nature close by vs. having to travel for a full day. The outdoor living space could be more private with new fencing and walls and modern landscaping. Forestry mulch service companies are spreading this trend with homes being built for sale or rent that have dedicated outdoor living areas.

Media Rooms

New builds also have a much higher chance of having media rooms included within the house itself rather than being added separately from the main living space like some older houses. This is because homes have become easier and more cost-effective to include high-definition television sets on the market today, making it possible to enjoy these new features without busting your budget.

This trend towards larger gathering spaces in new homes provides larger rooms that allow additional entertainment features like TVs and game tables. New technology lets people keep these larger rooms without overspending on energy bills. The goal is to create a place where everyone is comfortable and can enjoy the company of each other. Most new homes have these gathering areas on the main level, which used to be more common only in some upper-level rooms. People tend to find more enjoyment from enjoying these spaces together rather than separate spaces.

Material Choices

Wood and stone have always been the most popular way to build homes. Still, lately, these trends have evolved into using straw bale houses, metal rustic-looking roofs with solar panels (although they look like shingles), or building flame retardant wood finishes that consume less energy than other types of artificial fire prevention.

Las Vegas is a city known for its significant consumption of natural resources, but on the contrary, it is also building some pretty green homes. Recently, there has been a trend in the housing industry to use sustainable materials and incorporate eco-friendly features that help lessen our carbon footprint while still fulfilling a modern lifestyle.


It does not matter what type of home you’re building. There are always landscaping possibilities around your yard, whether it’s putting in flowers or vegetation, no matter if it comes naturally to your local area, planting fruit trees, adding an above-ground garden, everything you can do to help with the environment. Las Vegas has lots of wide-open areas, making it easy for people to do some great landscaping even if they have a smaller yard, but you need enough space for vertical gardening techniques. Once you get started growing your food and herbs, it is hard not to want to expand later on down the line.

It is important to note that there are significant shifts in home building trends where builders invest in water heater systems and move away from asphalt shingles. Although the asphalt shingles are great for colder climates where snow could build up on roofs, in Las Vegas, they often lead to more leaks than people realize. Many new homes built in the region use metal roofing materials instead because it reflects heat away from your house and can also carry higher wind speeds without any problems.