How to Teach Your Child the Joy of Giving

Donate clothes

Charity is a really beautiful and selfless act, and some of us grew up seeing it in our homes, which inspired us to want to grow up and continue diving as adults. Some of us saw our teachers give, or where a part of food donation drives and toy drives during our school-aged years. Exposing children to the beauty and joy of giving can really help shape the way they understand helping others, and set them up for a life filled with philanthropy.

If you’re trying to help your child understand the beauty of giving, consider the following tips.

1. Let your child help with going through closets

When deciding to give away old clothes, have your child go through your closet with you and stuff bags filled with items. They can even go through their own drawers or closet space and decide which items they would like to give to someone else. Explain why you are doing it, and how it helps others, which can help them feel like they are really making a difference. For the most part, children learn by example, and getting to see their mom, dad, or guardian do through their closet and give away items lets them know that it’s okay to give away old items and that they are going to a good cause. If you’re looking for a place to donate your clothes too, there are Red Cross donation centers across the U.S.

2. Your child can ride with you to the donation drop off

American Red Cross donations can really make a difference throughout the year, especially during the holidays and when the weather is much cooler. Families can use the extra layers of clothing to stay warm during these cooler months, and your clothes can help them. Let your child ride with you to a Red Cross clothes donation center and let them help to deliver the bags. They will get to see how easy it is to give, and make them feel like they were really involved in making someone’s quality of life better. American Red Cross donations leave a big impact on families across the country.

3. You and your child can help your neighbors

You can take your child with you to a neighbor, friend, or family member’s house to help them clean their home, rake leaves, paint a wall in their home, or any other task. Let your child be a part of it and help them understand that giving and helping is something your home believes in. This exposes them to the wonders of helping others and social responsibility.

4. Start a charity jar

When your child is old enough to start getting allowances, welcome them to “donate” part of it to a family charity jar. You can find a glass jar and decorate it (and invite them to help your decorate), and then show them by example by putting in some of your own money into the charity jar. This teaches children that while they would love to keep all of their allowance, it is a kind and beautiful thing to give money to those less fortunate. Exposing them to these ideas from a young age can really inspire them to give in the future as adults.

Invite your child to help your pick out and donate clothes this weekend, and have them take it with you to a Red Cross donation center. American Red Cross donations can change many people’s lives, and it’s a great bonding experience within families to work together to inspire one another to give to others.