Three Awesome Nautical Patterns to Put on Your Walls

Life preserver decor

It takes a bit more than just nautical home decorations to design a quality nautical theme. You also have to have the right color palette. White, navy, and khaki work well as dominant colors, while red, yellow, and black work well as secondary ones

But who said you had to only choose solid colors? Here are just a few of nautical decor’s most aesthetic patterns.

White and Navy Stripes.

Why choose just one color when you can have two? White and navy stripes are one of nautical decor’s most classic patterns, and they’re easy to do. You just have to have a bit of patience, and a lot of masking tape.


Anchors make for great nautical decorations, but they can be pretty expensive to buy, and pretty tough to hang. Plus, these nautical decorations might also damage your walls, too. Instead of dealing with all of that, why not make a stencil of an anchor, and pattern it on your walls?

Nautical Wheels.

Nautical wheels are another awesome nautical item that makes for a great decoration, but is also a bit of a hassle for many of the same reasons that anchors are. So why not add this element to your nautical decor the same way you can add anchors? The only thing is that making a stencil yourself can be pretty tough, as the pattern is more intricate than an anchor’s. Luckily, you can find some pretty cool nautical wheel stencils online.

Your choice of colors is paramount to your nautical theme’s success, but that doesn’t mean you need to paint your walls one solid color. Instead, think about choosing one of these aesthetically pleasing patterns and designs.

If you know of any other great nautical patterns, feel free to share in the comments.