Three Spring Cleaning Tips for Gazebos

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The arrival of spring brings warmer temperatures, spells of rain, and mad dashes for homeowners to spring clean — inside and out. It’s important to get outdoors as soon as it’s nice enough and start cleaning up the yard, especially if you have outbuildings or wooden structures. Not only does it spruce the yard up in preparation for spring and summer parties, but good care leads to a longer lifetime of your structure. Here are a few spring cleaning tips for custom gazebos to get your yard ready for the season.

1. Do some landscaping.
Part of outdoor spring cleaning is making sure that the lawn and the plants in the yard are well manicured and cleaned up. Adding a bit of landscaping around a gazebo is really going to draw attention to the structure and make it a focal point, as well as add to the general look of the gazebo itself.

2. Clean and repair.
Another spring cleaning tip for gazebos is to make sure that the entire structure is clean and in good repair. A lot can happen over a long winter season, and the weather can do a number on out buildings and structures. Spray a little WD-40 on hinges and the doorknob, and make sure that the roof, the door, and the general outside of the gazebo didn’t suffer any damage from the weather.

3. Keep up proper care.
Since custom gazebos (especially Amish gazebos) are usually made completely from wood, proper care all year round is really important for keeping an attractive and usable space. Avoid resting bags of mulch or soil against the side of the gazebo and rake away leaves and other debris that may accumulate around the base of it. Avoid leaving things that can hold moisture like outdoor furniture covers laying around inside, since this can lead to wet wood and rot.

Do you have any tips for giving your backyard and gazebo a face lift for the spring and summer seasons? Feel free to share them with us in the comments section below!
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