Want to Give Charitable Clothing Donations? Here Are Three Ideas to Help You Get Started

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When some people decide they can no longer use some of the clothing in their wardrobes, they may not know that they have options beyond sending those garments to a landfill. Clothing is one of the most easily salvaged materials on the planet, and yet 12 to 13 million tons of it go into the trash each year. However, the simplest way to solve this environmental issue, clean out a closet, and help others at the same time is to donate clothing to charity.

If you’ve never given charitable clothing donations before, you’ll be relieved to discover that the process is fairly easy, and there are many different ways you can give. Here are just three simple solutions you can use to start giving charitable clothing donations:

  • Clothing Drop Offs: Today there are all sorts of organizations that will take charitable clothing donations. Many of these charities will accept donations during their operating hours, and some will even give you a receipt so you can deduct the donation from your tax bill. Giving in this way is easy for small and large donations alike.
  • Donation Pick Ups: If you’d like to donate clothing, but you’re unable to gather up all of your donations to bring with you, you can also call some charities for a donation pick up service. Clothing donation pick ups are excellent for those with busy schedules or for people who are unable to carry bags and boxes of donations. All you need to do is call for a pick up appointment.
  • Clothing Donation Drop Boxes: Want to donate but short on time? Many charities also station drop boxes all over cities and towns to give donors ample chance to give. Drop boxes operate similarly to dropping items off at a charity, only you won’t have to wait in line or only visit during certain hours of the day. You can just drop off a bag of donated items at your convenience.

Want to know more about the charity organizations that are looking for clothing donations? Leave a comment below.