Outdoor Boat Storage – the Economical Storage and Protection Solution

Perhaps your homeowner’s association placed a moratorium on boat or RV parking in your neighborhood. Or, your spouse and neighbors have dropped enough hints about your extra large lawn ornament. Either way, outdoor storage for boats should be considered, for reasons other than just your home’s aesthetics.

Here are 6 reasons why most owners recommend it as one of the safest and most economical boat storage options for the off season.

  • Space.Boats average between 18 and 28 feet, plus trailer length. Unless you already own a dedicated boat storage garage, you quickly realize the amount of space a boat requires, often impinging on parking for your other vehicles. So if a boat isn’t part of your home’s landscaping design, leasing a self storage unit for your boat is a viable alternative.
  • Security.Today’s self storage warehouses are equipped with sophisticated surveillance and security systems. Storing your boat in a dedicated facility deters vandalism and theft. Designed with wide driving aisles, outdoor boat storage lots accommodate large towing vehicles, and lessen the risk of damage. (No more maneuvering in and out of the driveway.)
  • Economy.As an affordable alternative to an expensive marina, a self storage company offers all of the benefits of dry storage to prevent water and weather damage inflicted on boats in water year round. Outdoor storage for boats may even save you significant transportation costs if you find a facility near your favorite body of water.
  • Liability.Surprise: storing your boat or other watercraft at home does not protect it under your homeowner’s insurance, if your boat is damaged. You may be more suited to self storage units, away from trees or residential power lines, etc. Renting or leasing outdoor boat storage units during month of non-use may also decrease your boat owner’s insurance premiums, or save you additional liability expense many marinas charge for risks associated with wind and water damage.
  • Access.Leaving at 4 am for that sunrise fishing excursion? Is the weather service issuing a storm warning? You can securely access outdoor boat storage around the clock and year, using a personalized access code to enter and exit the storage unit.
  • Convenience. Finding outdoor storage for boats near you is easier than ever. You can narrow your internet search to factors such as proximity to your home (for easy travel setup), or proximity to your boat launch or docking location (ideal if you only dock in one place all season).

Protect your boat with economical outdoor storage in the off season, so you can enjoy that extra space in your front yard or driveway – all year long. Your neighbors will thank you.